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Welcome, fellow dog lovers! In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through the world of weighted dog vests. If you’ve ever wondered how to help your furry friend stay active, focused, and confident during outdoor adventures, then this is the article for you. From top-rated brands to innovative designs, we’re here to introduce you to the best weighted dog vests on the market. Let’s dive in and discover the magic these vests can bring to your dog’s life!

The Top 10 Best Weighted Dog Vests

  1. XDOG Weighted Dog Vest for Fitness and Strength Training — Give your dog a full-body workout with the XDOG Weighted Drag Bag, adjustable resistance, and included with the XDOG Vest for maximum strength and muscle building.
  2. Calming Dog Anxiety Jacket — ThunderShirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket: Delivers a gentle, effective solution to various anxiety concerns while ensuring comfort, safety, and ease of use.
  3. Lightweight Dog Vest for Easier Walks — The Ultimate Direction Dog Vest V2 Size Small is a versatile, lightweight, and secure option for your dog, featuring expandable pockets, a collapsible bowl, and multiple attachment points.
  4. Prodogg Weighted Dog Vest for Anxiety Relief — Say goodbye to your anxious dog’s distress with the Prodogg Anti-Anxiety Compression Shirt, an effective and affordable alternative to traditional medications, highly recommended by veterinarians.
  5. Thundershirt Camo XX-Small Dog Anxiety Vest — ThunderShirt’s Polo Anxiety Vest for Dogs Camo XX-Small: 80%+ effective, vet-recommended and no training required, perfect stylish comfort for anxious pets!
  6. Double-Ply Genuine Leather Weighted Dog Harness for Exercise and Training — Experience exceptional canine fitness with the 6lb genuine leather weighted dog harness designed for comfort and customizable weight training.
  7. Weighted Dog Vest for Medium Breeds — Provide relief and comfort for dogs with separation anxiety with Assisi Animal Health’s Calmer Canine X-Small Vest, offering a convenient solution for an anxious pup’s well-being.
  8. Sleeveless Compression Dog Shirt for Anxiety Relief — The 3XL-5XL Prodogg Anti-Anxiety Compression Shirt, available in Pink, provides a gentle swaddling-like effect for dogs struggling with anxiety, recommended by veterinarians as an affordable, non-medication alternative.
  9. Comfortable Anxiety Relief Dog Vest — Relieve your dog’s anxiety with the ThunderShirt Sport Platinum, a veterinarian-recommended behavior management aid that requires no training and provides instant relief in stressful situations.
  10. Comforting NCAA Kentucky Wildcats Weighted Dog Vest — Introducing the NCAA Kentucky Wildcats Soothing Solution Vest — M, the ultimate weighted dog vest that provides comfort and relief for your furry companion while showing off your team spirit.

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XDOG Weighted Dog Vest for Fitness and Strength Training

XDOG Weighted Dog Vest for Fitness and Strength Training | Image

The XDOG Weighted Drag Bag is an innovative tool designed specifically for canine fitness enthusiasts who want to help their dogs build muscle and improve overall strength. Featuring removable weights, users can effortlessly adjust the resistance to suit their dog’s individual needs. The versatile drag bags utilize sand as their weight source, meaning users can customize the weight resistance with ease and accuracy.

However, it’s essential to note that the sand isn’t included in the package. This unique product is exclusive to the XDOG Vest, providing a well-rounded workout experience for both you and your furry friend.

Calming Dog Anxiety Jacket

Calming Dog Anxiety Jacket | Image

The ThunderShirt is a dog anxiety jacket designed to provide relief for pets experiencing anxiety or fear issues. Its main selling point is that it applies gentle, constant pressure to your dog, creating a calming effect that helps ease their anxiety. However, this product’s effectiveness varies from dog to dog. The vest is made from soft, breathable, and washable fabric, ensuring your dog’s comfort when wearing it.

While the ThunderShirt might not be the perfect solution for every single dog, it can prove to be a helpful tool for many. It is user-friendly and convenient to put on your pet, making it a practical option during times of anxiety. However, some pet owners might experience difficulties in putting the vest on their dogs due to its size, so ensuring the correct sizing is crucial for optimal results. The vest can be a bit complicated to put on correctly, but with practice, it becomes easier. Overall, the ThunderShirt is a valuable resource for dog owners looking to ease their pet’s anxiety in a safe, drug-free manner.

Lightweight Dog Vest for Easier Walks

Lightweight Dog Vest for Easier Walks | Image

As a dog owner, I’ve tried out the Ultimate Direction Dog Vest V2 in the small size, and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer. This vest is perfect for hikes or long walks, as it provides plenty of storage space. The two large main pockets on either side can expand from 7.2L to 8.6L, allowing me to easily fit my dog’s essentials like treats, leash, and water bowl.

One of the standout features is the included collapsible bowl for water and food, which is a lifesaver when I’m on the go with my furry friend. The multi-point harness adjustment ensures a secure fit, keeping the vest in place even during the most energetic adventures.

On the downside, I noticed that the vest can be a bit bulky, making it less-than-ideal for short walks or trips where less gear is needed. But overall, the Ultimate Direction Dog Vest V2 has been a reliable and convenient addition to our outdoor escapades.

Prodogg Weighted Dog Vest for Anxiety Relief

Prodogg Weighted Dog Vest for Anxiety Relief | Image

Looking for a calm and stress-free furry friend? Try the PRODOGG Anti-Anxiety Compression Shirt, a sleeveless vest designed to comfort anxious dogs.

Similar to swaddling an infant, the gentle and slight pressure applied by this shirt can help soothe the feelings of anxiety for your pet. This budget-friendly alternative to medication receives high recommendations from veterinarians, making it an excellent investment for your anxious dog.

Thundershirt Camo XX-Small Dog Anxiety Vest

Thundershirt Camo XX-Small Dog Anxiety Vest | Image

I’ve personally tried the Thundershirt Polo Anxiety Vest for Dogs Camo XX-Small and it has been a game-changer for my furry friend’s anxiety! Our vet recommended it, and it has indeed been over 80% effective in calming him down during storms, separation anxiety, and trips to the vet.

The vest is made of soft, comfortable materials and features a stylish camo print that fits perfectly with our dog’s polo look. The Velcro closure ensures a snug and secure fit, making it easy to put on and take off. The unique pressure design, combined with no training required, makes it a hassle-free solution for dogs who need help managing their anxiety.

While we have not yet encountered any negative aspects of this vest, I will say that a proper sizing guide for different breeds would be helpful. Regardless, the Thundershirt Polo Anxiety Vest for Dogs Camo XX-Small is a must-have for any pet owner with an anxious furry friend!

Double-Ply Genuine Leather Weighted Dog Harness for Exercise and Training

Double-Ply Genuine Leather Weighted Dog Harness for Exercise and Training | Image

This 6 lbs genuine leather pull-up harness for canine companions is perfect for exercise and training sessions. Crafted from top-notch double ply genuine leather, the harness is both durable and comfortable for your furry friend. It features six removable weights, each weighing a pound, for a total weight of approximately seven pounds.

The harness is designed to target multiple muscle groups, including chest, neck, and shoulders, while also enhancing endurance. The chest piece is padded with soft leather for maximum comfort, making it an ideal choice for both training and enjoyment.

Weighted Dog Vest for Medium Breeds

Weighted Dog Vest for Medium Breeds | Image

I’ve been using the Assisi Animal Health Calmer Canine Convenience Dog Vest for my medium-sized dog, who tends to get anxious during car rides. The vest fits perfectly — snug but not too tight.

The weighted design provides a calming effect on my dog, allowing him to feel more at ease. However, the vest can be a bit challenging to remove when he’s not in the mood.

Overall, it’s a useful tool for dog owners dealing with separation anxiety or travel-related stress.

Sleeveless Compression Dog Shirt for Anxiety Relief

Sleeveless Compression Dog Shirt for Anxiety Relief | Image

I recently tried the Prodogg Anti-Anxiety Compression Shirt for my 130-pound dog, hoping it would help him feel more calm during thunderstorms and fireworks. The first thing I noticed was the size; a 3XL was slightly too small, which made me concerned about the sizing chart’s accuracy. When I attempted to put it on, I noticed the material felt a bit thin and cheap for the price. Additionally, the fastening system proved to be a bit tricky and complicated to use.

Despite these drawbacks, I noticed my dog seemed more relaxed when he was wearing the shirt. The gentle pressure applied to his body might have played a role in calming him down during the storm. However, I still had some concerns about the shirt’s durability and the potential for it to tear during use. Overall, I think there might be better alternatives on the market for this type of product that are easier to use and provide better value for money.

Comfortable Anxiety Relief Dog Vest

Comfortable Anxiety Relief Dog Vest | Image

In my experience, the Thundershirt Sport for Dogs — Platinum has been a game-changer for my furry friend. As summertime approaches, I’ve always struggled with the anxiety my dog would show during thunderstorms and fireworks. The Thundershirt worked wonders for his nerves and kept him calm, even during the loudest of storms.

What stands out to me is the adjustable straps, which ensured a perfect fit. The soft fabric was a hit with my dog, making him feel comfortable and cozy as opposed to irritated or frightened. The platinum version of the Thundershirt even provided some level of reflectivity, making it an attractive option for nighttime walks or car rides.

However, one downside I noticed was that it didn’t cater well to my dog’s anxiety during car rides. While it did help calm him during thunderstorms, the Thundershirt seemed to provide little relief when it came to his car-related anxiety.

In conclusion, the Thundershirt Sport for Dogs — Platinum proved to be an effective solution for reducing my dog’s anxiety during storms. It’s a must-have option for pet owners who want to provide their furry friends with a soothing experience during stressful times. Despite the minor inconvenience when it came to car rides, the benefits clearly outweighed the drawbacks.

Comforting NCAA Kentucky Wildcats Weighted Dog Vest

Comforting NCAA Kentucky Wildcats Weighted Dog Vest | Image

Recently, I tried the NCAA Kentucky Wildcats Soothing Solution Pets Vest in my daily life. The vest, which is officially licensed, is designed to help dogs with different fears like loud noises, traveling, thunderstorms, and separation anxiety. I noticed how comfortable the vest felt, providing my pet with a soothing hug.

The lightweight fabric and stretch panels in the vest offer superior comfort and breathability, making it perfect for moments of relaxation. It also feels great to show my team spirit while keeping my pet relaxed and stress-free. The vest’s zipper closure ensures a secure fit for my pet, while the round neck design provides a snug, comfy fit.

Overall, the NCAA Kentucky Wildcats Soothing Solution Pets Vest proved to be a thoughtful and helpful tool in providing comfort for my pet’s fears and promoting relaxation.

Buyer’s Guide

When looking for a Weighted Dog Vest, there are several factors to consider to ensure the best fit and functionality for your furry companion. This buyer’s guide will highlight the key features and provide general advice to help you make an informed decision.

Size and Fit

One of the most important aspects to consider when buying a Weighted Dog Vest is the size and fit. The vest should be snug but not too tight, allowing for ease of movement and comfort for your dog. Check the manufacturer’s size chart to ensure the correct fit for your dog’s breed, weight, and size. It’s always best to choose a vest with adjustable straps for a better fit.

Weight Distribution

Weight Distribution plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of a Weighted Dog Vest. The vest should evenly distribute the added weight across your dog’s body to help promote balance and proper body posture. Make sure to choose a vest with removable or adjustable weight pockets to accommodate different weight levels and achieve optimal weight distribution.


The material used in a Weighted Dog Vest is essential for your dog’s comfort and the vest’s durability. Look for a vest made from high-quality, breathable materials such as neoprene, nylon, or polyester to help regulate your dog’s body temperature and ensure a comfortable fit. Additionally, check for water resistance if you plan on using the vest in wet conditions.

Durability and Longevity

A high-quality Weighted Dog Vest should be durable and long-lasting. Check for reinforced stitching, strong buckles, and durable materials to ensure the vest can withstand rough play and daily wear and tear. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning can also help extend the lifespan of your dog’s vest.


What is the primary purpose of a weighted dog vest?

The primary purpose of a weighted dog vest is to provide resistance training for dogs during physical activities such as running or swimming. The additional weight helps to improve muscle strength, endurance, and overall fitness while simultaneously promoting relaxation and stress relief in anxious or hyperactive pets.

These vests also help with proprioception and balance, making them valuable tools for rehabilitation programs and elderly or injured pets. Weighted dog vests allow owners to customize the level of resistance they want their dogs to experience for varied training sessions and goals. The vests are designed to be comfortable and secure to ensure the best performance for the dog in a safe and controlled manner.

Can a weighted dog vest be used for training assistance with specific behaviors?

Weighted dog vests can be used as a training tool to assist with specific behavioral issues, such as anxiety, nervousness, or hyperactivity. The added weight provides a calming and soothing effect, helping dogs to feel more relaxed and focused during activities like dog sports or even just taking a walk. The vest will also assist with body awareness, helping the dog to better regulate its movements and responses. For dogs with anxiety or fear issues, a weighted vest can be an effective way to provide calming support during stressful situations.

It’s essential to use a properly fitting and designed weighted dog vest for any training sessions, ensuring both comfort and safety for the dog. Proper training supervision and guidance is also necessary to ensure the dog is adapting to the vest effectively and safely. The vest should be adjusted according to the dog’s size and the specific training goals to maintain optimal performance and results.

What are the different materials used to make a weighted dog vest?

Weighted dog vests can be made from a variety of materials, including neoprene, nylon, or cotton. Neoprene is a popular choice due to its lightweight, flexible, and water-resistant properties. It also provides good insulation, making it suitable for use in cold environments or water-related exercises. Nylon and cotton are good options for everyday wear due to their durability and breathability.

The weights used in weighted dog vests can vary and may consist of plastic beads, sand, or small metal weights sewn into pockets within the vest or connected through adjustable straps. The design and quality of the materials used can significantly impact the vest’s performance, durability, and overall comfort for the dog.

How do I know if a weighted dog vest will fit my dog?

To determine if a weighted dog vest will fit your dog, you should consult the manufacturer’s size chart or measurement guidelines. Most companies provide a sizing chart with the appropriate measurements for different breeds, weights, and body types. Measurements usually include chest, neck, and body length. Make sure to take accurate measurements of your dog to ensure the best fit.

For a secure fit, the vest should be snug but comfortable around the dog’s body, with enough room for the dog to move freely. Avoid a vest that is too tight or too loose, as this may cause discomfort or decrease effectiveness. A well-fitted vest will guarantee optimal performance and help to avoid any potential safety issues.

What are the benefits of using a weighted dog vest for canine sports?

Weighted dog vests can be quite beneficial for dogs participating in canine sports such as agility, obedience, or search and rescue. These vests provide additional resistance and support to the muscles and joints, helping to improve strength, agility, endurance, and overall fitness. This can lead to better performance and results during competitions and training sessions.

The added weight and the vest’s design also help to improve proprioception and balance, which are essential skills for many sports. Whether for a professional working dog or a family pet competing in agility events, a well-designed weighted dog vest can be a valuable tool for enhancing performance and supporting your dog through training.

Is a weighted dog vest suitable for all dogs, regardless of age or health status?

No, a weighted dog vest may not be suitable or recommended for all dogs, including those with certain health issues or older animals. Dogs with musculoskeletal problems or any conditions that could be aggravated by increased activity or exercise should consult with their veterinarian before using a weighted dog vest. Owners should also be aware of their dog’s age and activity level and adjust use of the vest accordingly to ensure the safety and well-being of their pet.

Any potential user should carefully observe their dog during the first few training sessions to monitor reactions, such as discomfort or stress, and make adjustments as needed. Ensuring that the vest is properly fitted and used in a controlled and monitored manner can help minimize any risks of injury or discomfort for the dog.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.